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 How to play:

  • Click the board and use keyboard to enter words
  • Move around with arrows, space, backspace and enter
  • Use a ? to represent a blank tile in your available characters
  • Doubleclick tile to mark as occupied by blank (non-scoring) character
  • To efficiently enter words downwards, press Enter between each character
  • To change bonus tiles, click "change scoring" below the board and click tiles multiple times to cycle between values

 Fun places to download and/or play such games:

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Find great words for Scrabble, WordFeud, Words With Friends

Get some help with the high-scoring opportunities in Wordfeud, Words with friends and Scrabble®. This page serves you the best possible moves - for you to learn and choose from. More tips on how can be used.

Choose game
and dictionary
Enter your letters

As the game goes on, enter words on the board and search again. You may continue an earlier game with its key or start a new game.


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